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Textual Bible Courses


Programs were recorded live in the continuing effort for Preacher Training around the world. You will be able to view the presentations, and the interaction with the instructors.

Make your selection in able to view the programs available on a particular topic. Then choose the program and view on Windows Media Player on your PC.

Revelation: Mysteries of the Apocalypse – Dr. Dan Owen. 

This series of four video presentations is designed to explain to the unchurched seeker what the Book of Revelation is really about. 

Optimized for Windows Media Player or Real Player at 384k bandwidth for PC users. This should display two screens. One for the presenter, and one for content or Power Point slides. 

Currently there is not a complete interface for MACs, since Windows Media Player is not fully compatible on a MAC.  You can download the Flip4MAC viewer to Quicktime , which will allow the content screen to be displayed, but not the presenter screen.  Click here.










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